Aatifi in the studio 2017/2023

Insights into the revision of a painting in blue in the context of past exhibitions          Length: 4:44 min.

The film accompanies the artist into the studio, documenting his abstract-scriptural pictorial language, his working methods and his decision to rework a large-format painting. Film clips show the painting Untitled 1, in 170 by 210 cm format, in its first state from 2017 and then its second state from 2018, as part of the solo exhibitions Abstrakte Neographie at the Internationaler Club im Auswärtigen Amt (ICAA) in Berlin (2017) and Alphabet der Malerei at the Herforder Kunstverein (2019). Accompanied by explanations from art historian Janina Strathmeier (exhibition introduction 2019), the camera follows Aatifi in the painting process in 2017 and 2023, and shows the final composition of the expansive blue painting with added signature. (maba)


Filming: Studio Aatifi and Felix Brenneke

Photographs: Martina Bauer, Christian Barten, Felix Brenneke, Valeska von Flottwell, Wolfgang Holm

Length: 4:44 min.