Internationales Grafik-Symposium Zebra5 (International Graphic Symposium Zebra5), Kunstverein Zwickau

Television Zwickau from 4 September 2012          Length: 4:32 min.

‘Breaks’ was the theme at Zebra 5, Internationales Grafik-Symposium (International Graphic Symposium) Zwickau 2012, to which the artist Aatifi was also invited. The symposium was organised by the Zwickau Art Association in cooperation with the city, sponsored by the Vogtland-Zwickau Cultural Area. The television station Television Zwickau (today TV Westsachsen, TV-W) reported in detail in autumn 2012: the film contains excerpts with insights into work processes and initial graphic results with a focus on Aatifi’s etchings, interviews with organiser Regina Franke and Aatifi as a participant as well as scenes from the exhibition opening. One of each of the artist’s printed works created there was exhibited in the Kunstvereins-Galerie am Domhof in spring 2013 (with catalogue) and has become part of the collection of the Kunstverein Zwickau and the Städtische Kunstsammlungen Zwickau. (maba)


Filming: Television Zwickau (4.9.2012)

Length: 4:32 min.