Studio Visit, April 2020

A special kind of studio visit during the Corona pandemic in April 2020          Length: 3:41 min.

The film, made in April 2020 shortly after the outbreak of the worldwide Corona pandemic, shows idyllic impressions around the artist’s Bielefeld studio, accompanied by the chirping of a wren in front of the studio window, and documents the effects of the pandemic on Aatifi’s artistic work. The artist juxtaposes philosophical reflections on art, the world and the virus with a series of intensely coloured paintings he created in the first months of 2020 and assembled into a (closed) exhibition in his showroom. Even in the face of the blatant collapse of all exhibition activities, the artist’s core statement and conclusion remain hopeful and confident: ‘Crises pass, art remains!’ (maba)


Filming: Studio Aatifi

Text: Martina Bauer

Length: 3:41 min.

Photos: Martina Bauer