Aatifi in the studio, creation of a painting 2017/2023

A large-format painting and its revision in the context of past exhibitions          Length: 8:31 min.

The film documents the creation of a two-part acrylic work on canvas measuring 250 x 320 cm in 2017 in the studio, shows the artist’s nationwide exhibition activities in 2017 and the embedding of the large-scale painting in two institutional exhibitions – the solo exhibition Aatifi – Alphabet der Malerei at the Herforder Kunstverein in 2019 and the group exhibition Written Imagery at the Neue Galerie Dachau in 2020/21. In the film, Aatifi explains why he had to heavily rework the expansive painting again in 2023 and takes the viewers with him on the ‘construction site picture’ until the revised work finally forms a new eye-catcher in the solo exhibition Licht und Formen in the showroom of Aatifi’s studio in spring 2023. (maba)


Filming: Studio Aatifi

Photographs: Kristian Barthen, Felix Brenneke, Valeska von Flottwell, Wolfgang Holm

Text: Martina Bauer

Length: 8:31 min.