1965                            born in Kandahar, Afghanistan

1971                               trained as a calligrapher from the age of six

1989–1992               studied painting at Kabul University

                                       Member of the Afghan Artists’ Association

since 1995               exile in Germany

1997–1998                guest student of painting at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden (Dresden University of Fine Arts) with

                                       Prof. Siegfried Klotz


lives and works in Bielefeld and Kabul

‘Aatifi’s works show in an impressive way how elements of a long cultural and art-historical tradition in painting and graphic art are brought to new life through spectacular new interpretations. Persian or Arabic calligraphy – the most important art form in the classical Islamic world – is thus transformed from a 'writing code' that is only culturally comprehensible into part of a modern international art language, and on a high qualitative scale.’

Prof. Dr. Stefan Weber, Director Museum für Islamische Kunst in the Pergamonmuseum, Berlin, Germany

(on the occasion of the solo exhibition Aatifi  News from Afghanistan from 3 July - 18 October 2015)

from left to right:

View 4  I  100 x 120 cm  I  Acrylic on canvas  I  Aatifi 2020

Verve 11  I  120 x 140 cm  I  Acrylic on canvas  I  Aatifi 2022

View 3  I  120 x 110 cm  I  Acrylic on canvas  I  Aatifi 2020