Where ART you from?

23 January–3 March 2018

Gallery Berlin-Baku GmbH, Großgörschenstraße 7, 10827 Berlin, Germany

Opening: Saturday, 20 January 2018, 6 p.m.


Photo:  Martina Bauer

The exhibition Where ART you from? dealt with the question of how artists of other origins process their arrival in Germany in their work. The theme allows for many individual interpretations, so a variety of artistic responses were on display. For example, the abstract paintings of the master calligrapher Aatifi and the realistic photographs of Ali Kanaan are juxtaposed – two completely different art forms that complement each other perfectly in their clear aesthetics. Aatifi, who has lived in Germany for over twenty years, expresses the effect of arrival primarily through the aesthetic development of his art and the European influence on his work.

‘My art embodies beauty and aesthetics and thus also expresses a strong positive side of Afghanistan’, he says. ‘It connects people and also exemplifies cultural enrichment through migration.’ With this, Aatifi also answers the question about his motivation to participate in this exhibition.

Excerpt from the exhibition text and exhibition catalogue

Untitled II  I  140 x 190 cm  I  Acrylic on canvas  I  Aatifi 2017 (left)

Untitled, violett  I  65 x 75 cm  I  Ink, metal on laid paper  I  Aatifi 2017 (right)